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Welcome to Gordon Brennan's Dog Training!  Where we train you and your dog in a fun, effective and efficient fashion.

DECEMBER 2009--Gordon worked with the night security crew at Macy's Herald Square to help them become qualified to patrol the store with their guard dogs.  These beautiful German Shepherds had previous training.  It was, however, the guards who needed a refresher course!  As with any dog, big, medium or small, if the person handling your dog does not know what to do, your dog won't either.  We train YOU to train and lead your dog. 

JANUARY 2010--Jaylen was a fourteen month old male Rottweiler who started snapping at his people when told to get off the bed.  Gordon taught Jaylen's owners how to be in charge as opposed to simply being members of Jaylen's pack.  Before coming to Gordon, Jaylen was one step away from being sent to the pound because his people could not control the 110 pound dominant dog who was making them afraid to be in their own home.  After three Lessons Jaylen understood he was no longer head of the household and his parents knew how to keep it that way.  When the training was finished, Jaylen was not only respectful of the new rules, but turned into an obedient, compliant and loving member of the family.

OCTOBER 2013--Lulu, a Boston Terrier-English Bulldog mix, was very fearful and nervous about being outside in the city.  With Gordon's patience, experience and guidance, Lulu learned to not only to walk down the street with confidence, but is now the most popular dog in her building and at the dog park, as she has turned into quite the social butterfly!  Among other things, Lulu learned how to ring a bell to go outside to do her "business".

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